We have seen through previous books that many exocivilisations, mostly benevolent, have been present on Earth, sometimes for tens of thousands of years.

Any citizen of our planet can legitimately ask the questions:

How are our visitors organized on their planets?

How do they manage their planet?

What is their political organization?

What economic structure do they have?

So many questions that can make us think about our own socio-economic evolution. What about demosophy, societalism, ethocracy?

What society could we imagine for tomorrow?

This is the subject of Presence 4 “Towards a New World with Exocivilisations” ’s reflection

In the first work, we saw the key points of the understanding of the UFO phenomenon, the motivations for the presence of E. T. entities in general. We also showed the conditions under which our visitors were traveling. The extraordinary psychological effort that this may require was, however, supported by strong factual and statistical elements, such as the photos of the Crop Circles and in the second book, by the decoding of the Ummo language based on factual documents which can be consulted by all.

In Presence, Ovnis, Crop Circles and Exocivilisations we mentioned the so-called Pax Galactica thesis of the discreet, but active and globally peaceful presence of exocivilisations on our soil, as well as the opening onto a huge field of unknown knowledge, characterized by a mysterious language deciphered in Presence 2, The language and the mystery of the planet UMMO revealed.

In PRESENCE 3—God, the Cosmos, the Paranormal, and the Exocivilizations we presented a new paradigm for the science of the 3rd millennium, which reconciles science and consciousness, physics and metaphysics in the rationalized vision of the Theory of 3 thirds, a paradigm cosmobiophysics that answers all the major human questions.

This cosmobiophysical paradigm brings phenomena unexplained by contemporary science into a new framework of understanding. What was paranormal yesterday becomes normal today. . .

This revolutionary scientific paradigm will precede or accompany a GREAT SOCIETAL REVOLUTION. Old World socio-economic values based on the competition of individuals and groups will be replaced by the values of cooperation and collaboration between individuals and social groups. A new and unprecedented global governance will emerge. . .

But, can we get there?

To understand it, we need to revise our vision of the past and give ourselves another vision of the current world that will allow us to understand the perspectives of the future. . .

Table of contents

Table of contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Introduction ANOTHER HISTORY OF THE OLD WORLD This past which still impacts us today A distant past A twentieth-century vision in Europe A vision of the hidden history of exocivilisations Confiscation of knowledge Triggering events The impacts and challenges of recognizing exocivilisations Towards a global exo-dictatorship The Quiet Dictatorship The best student of the dictatorial class Mainstream thought, an accomplice without knowing it The zombie of alternative thinking The quiet genocide David Icke: lies or truths ? Preamble David Icke atypical character Reptilians and hybrids Hollow Earth Occultation of history and official lies Manipulation of citizens Global warming Conclusion on David Icke The secret globalsit board COLLAPSE CONDITIONS AND PARAMETERS OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM Political/military disasters Health disasters Malthusian disasters Environmental and climatic disasters Economic and financial disasters Conclusion on the collapse of the current system THE GREAT RESET viii 4 THE ROLE OF EXOCIVILISATIONS IN THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT The attitude of our visitors The observation of a bellicose non-invasion Could there be a control over access to Earth? OOMMO references on this subject Exo-interference and global exo-governance CLASSIFICATION OF 23 EXOCIVILIZATIONS Allocation Allocation assumption on economic criteria Exocivilization sheets Organic robots Synthesis map Harmful Exocivilizations Agreements with harmful Exocivilizations The Globalist Clan and «reptilians» The Greys’ Plan The Anti-Globalist Plutocracy Clan 94 Ukraine’s role Harmful exocivilization sheets Red line for Exo-interference? Human destinies linked The Army of the Marabouts Meditation protocol Experimentation A NEW GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Survivalism Demosophy Societalism Ethocracy or Government Based on Morality Resources for everyone Competition is an Old World value Cooperation and collaboration of New World values Respect for human rights and the citizen of the cosmos The organization of ethical groups of citizens Context problematic Structural parameters of ethical groups of citizens Social structure and organization among ethical citizen groups IMPLEMENT HUMAN AND CITIZEN RIGHTS A new model of political organization Semantic analysis of the term “illissa” Structure of our social network AYUYISAA Commentary on the social structure of OOMMO How to get there? ix TABLE OF CONTENTS The key factors of success The main pitfalls to avoid When and how will this be possible? The first step The second step The third step Security management The economic organization of the New World An essential boost NEW SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL PARADIGMS Cosmobiophysics Confiscated technologies “Antigravity” IDUUWII Henry Bull Henry Wallace The Gyroscope Mercury vapor vortex Energy techniques New medical sciences Nano-pulsed magnetic waves Scalar waves How can we use scalar waves to heal ourselves? Scalar resonance effects The medicine of tomorrow CONCLUSION Far away the light ANNEX Annex1 Coronavirus : From genetic manipulation of mass manipulation A little reminder of the history The 1st release The 2nd release Political analysis Spread in Iran Quarantine in Japan WHO intervention Discussion Too late? Has big finance already locked everything? Proposals for actions Annex 2—Leaders and Managers Annex-3 Number of individuals in a group Annex-4 Crop Circle of the P ERIDANI-sians BIBLIOGRAPHY
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