We have seen in Presence 4 and related articles « The Final Vaxxtermination » the mechanics of humanity’s collapse and its genocide.

All these so-called democratic organizations and institutions were completely infiltrated and corrupted for the global coup in a few decades.

And we have seen that the dictators under NWO’s orders have quickly and easily become steadfast.

How could these democracies fall into the worst genocidal dictatorship in human history in such a short time?

Of course, the globalist corruption of 100% of national, European and global institutions is the major factor for the assassination of citizens and democracies.

The second factor is obviously the manipulation of all media in the service of NWO, coupled with the mind-blowing carelessness of the majority of citizens.

The 3rd factor is most certainly the very structure of « democracies ».
Said democratic institutions in no way prevented the dictatorship.
The political protection, or rather the immunity, of heads of state, politicians in general, magistrates, staffs, special services … have falsely strengthened « democracies ».
All these small illegitimate steps have turned « democracies » into dictatorial bunkers.

In conclusion, some 250 years after the first republican revolutions, we can say that EVERYTHING has to be redone. Obviously, with a different organization system.

In Presence 4, we spoke of the planetary state in a network of ethical groups. The institutions, the decision-making nodes of the network, only emerging or disappearing by the will of the citizen network.
The most difficult being the phase of transition to this new humanity …


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Denis Roger DENOCLA