When we look at how many deaths are already caused by vaxx in 2021, we can see that everything is done to drown the numbers in an unusable static smokescreen.


Several points should be taken into consideration:

a) Everything is done not to link the deaths of those illegal and fatal injections:

As the deaths are unrelated to the injections, the numbers are empty…


b) the declarations in the official databases are insignificant:

only 1 to 5% of side effects of vaxx are reported.

We must therefore at least multiply by 50 or 100 official results!


c) the records, from 1 to 5% of declarations of side effects, can be arbitrarily rejected (declaration made 2 weeks to 1 month after the injection, therefore rejected).

Here again, the official result must be greatly increased!


In conclusion, the official results which present some 1,000 deaths per European country in 2021 are a web of lies.

There are at least 100,000 deaths due to injections per European country in 2021.

That means at least 1 million deaths in Europe.

Knowing that the European database records 30,000 deaths in 2021

The reality is therefore very likely to be in the order of 3 million injection-related deaths in Europe in 2021.


This, does not take into account the extremely serious side effects, which will likely lead to lifelong disability or delayed death



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Denis Roger DENOCLA