Excerpts from GR1-4, corrected translation, text reworded and commented, from the original.

When the OEMMII dies, BUAAWA (actually a small number of Krypton atoms located in  the columns of what you call the Neocortex) « launches » a  signal to BUUAAWAA BIIAEII, which, thanks to (a boundary effect) LEEIOO WAAM, processes these atoms by transforming this set of elements of physical matter with electric charge and information carrier,  into pure units of information (the boundary effect allows the electro-chemical coding to pass into « bits » of information into another cosmos)

The transmitted energy is incorporated into the filaments of BUAWAA BIAEII as an energy addition.

The BUAWWAA of the OEMMII remains in the state of what You would call « permanent latency » and this will be until the death of the OEMMII who carries it, in the BUUAWAA universe (GR1-4-1), charged with PRIMITIVE information (this is very important) – primitive meaning an initial specific transconnection, of IBOZOOUU which takes place only once – at the time of conception – in the life of the OEMMII. This initial configuration of IBOZOOUU initializes the contents of the BUAWA.

We call this special nature of information: BUAWAA AMIEAYOO WADOXII: There is a « state of information », in the form of a « package » of everything that the OEMMII will do or feel in his life with his sensations, but also with his thoughts, ideas, intentions, desires, etc., although the OEMMII has recently been created, and this information is transmitted in one go to WAAM BUAAWAA (GR1-4-2GR1-4-2).   

What  is  for You is a great mystery, yet very real, and was expressed mathematically on UMMO long ago. We must confess, however, that this has been experimented with statistically with probabilistic mathematics and with enormous proofs of success, but not completely irrefutable. We at UMMO take it, however, as a provisional scientific paradigm.

When the OEMMII  dies, the information packet that constituted OEMMII (a priori augmented by the information transmitted throughout its life),  is « projected » into BUUAAWAA BIIAEII via the LEEIOO WAAM boundary effect.


establishing from this moment a permanent link between the said BUAWAA and a  cell or « niche » ( XAABII BUAWAA  OYORII BIAEII  ) which is found in  BUUAAWAA  BIIAEII and which contains a kind of  »  mirror BUAWAA   » as we called above (which is only a   specific ideal BUAWAA created directly by WOA in compliance with AIIODII)

to which the homogeneous groups of information contained in BUAWAA will pass in discrete quantities  (e.g. a speech delivered in one’s life by the OEMMII, or a hand-to-hand struggle with a brother, or a copulation between GEE and YIEE).

The said « niche » has a « device » or BUABIIAEE ULUNIE that  serves  to transmit the information contained in other niches comparable to the cell in question – it is BUAAWEE BIAEEII that decides the flow and timing of this information.

When the information contained in the archetype intended for that soul becomes equal to the information in that cell, we say that the soul is reconformed.

In a simplified way, we could say that at the chromosomal fusion of a sperm and a human egg, the BB initializes a BUAWA Soul with a packet of information.  We could call this packet of information the DESTINY, or ROADMAP, of our entire planned life.

Nevertheless, the DESTINY, or ROADMAP, can be modified with events due to the chance of physical matter that escapes the control of the BB and in part by free will. The individual increments and completes the information of the BUAWA Soul throughout his life.

In addition, BB created for him a duplicate of the initial BUAWA, the mirror BUAWA.

And in his structures, BB has models, archetypes, BUAWA WOAIYIIBUAA that he will need to evolve the humanity he manages.

Upon the death of the individual, BB connects the BUAWA  to a « niche » that contains the  mirror BUAWA. BB manages multiple transfer devices and controls the information of these types of objects. BB filters the incoming information into the « niche » and de facto into  the  mirror BUAWA, aligning with the intended  BUAWA WOAIYIIBUAA archetypes  .

When the « niche » and de facto into the BUAWA Mirror Augmented, is equal to the  WOAIYIIBUAA archetype of  the planned BUAWA, then the  BUAWA Mirror Augmented is operational, the UMMO’s people  say that the  individual’s BUAWA  has been reconformed (in the BUAWA Mirror Augmented).

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Denis Roger DENOCLA