When I wrote Presence 4 in 2015, I thought, like many analysts, that the dictatorship would be the continuation of the Plan deployed since the mock terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 to incentivize, stimulate totally pre-organized terrorism.

Coercive laws reducing freedoms, censorship and assassinations to silence disturbers, and a police order have been put in place. The placidity of the majority of the population, who saw nothing coming or understood anything for 50 years, rocked by the media hypnosis complicit criminals.


The Final Vaxxtermination

Let’s go back to the history of this part of the Plan of New World Order.

In 2004, the NWO prepares the establishment of mental control of populations. Bigpharma decides on adding graphene oxide to flu shots. The fear-inducing scenario is used with the bogus mortality statistics.

Under the authority of the head of the NWO, the Prince Consort of the United Kingdom, Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, Dr. Fauci is the main driving force behind the plan. But, it’s a failure, the flu is not scary enough. The financial results do not fill the pockets of participants enough either.


At the same time, artificial “vaccine” products, based on the structure of coronaviruses are being developed.

These weapons of war use the artificial molecule SPIKE. They cause false immunity, and very serious alterations:


  • collapse of the immune system;
  • inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis);
  • hormonal dysfunctions, especially on the testicles;
  • decreased mitochondrial efficiency inducing premature aging of cells;
  • Werner’s syndrome caused by DNA damage.
  • Possibly irreversible myocarditis and pericarditis.
  • Possibly fatal thrombosis
  • etc.



The addition of graphene oxide for mind control enhances most of these harmful effects. The products injected into hundreds of millions of people, based on the spike molecule and graphene oxide, are nothing more or less than biological warfare weapons.

Note: VAXX patents are filed in 2008. All these VAXX weapons are designed long BEFORE the supposed pandemic.

The final Vaxxtermination weapon was ready, all the criminals had to do was release a pathogen matching the manufactured biological warfare weapon.

The dissemination is planned for 2019, for implementation in 2020. An American military contingent stationed in Wuhan is the target of the dissemination of a “Franco-American-Chinese” pathogen via the P4 laboratory. Note that this aggressive artificial coronavirus is unstable, and after 15 replications, it again becomes a simple influenza pathogen. Although maintained with occasional releases of aggressive pathogens to the four corners of the world, a 10-year-old child easily understands the deception of supposedly dangerous pathogens: flu, bronchitis, pneumonia . . . they all put on their media COVID mask.


This is a magnificent opportunity for a COVID epidemic that has been deliberately and rapidly spread across Europe by Euro-Defender forces.


Treatment is outlawed, and the armada’s dramatization of media’s shit does more in a year for coercion than 10 years of manipulation out of fear of terrorism.

As a result, the New World Order Criminals Plan gained momentum by moving directly to the final stages of the program. Extermination of 90% of unnecessary and for survivors Total mind control by smartdust.

The majority of the naive population asleep in a deadly hypnotic sleep did not get it quickly enough.

Fear, television manipulation, leads hundreds of millions of people into the deadly nets of pseudo-medicine. RNA-SPIKE injections with graphene oxide nanoparticles, smartdust type of mind control.

Programed death by destroying the victims’ lungs and immune systems is just a countdown.

The few survivors of the genocide will then be placed in mental slavery.

Thus, the establishment of the so-called marvelous “4th Industrial Revolution” of criminal Schwab and the new leader of the NWO, Samuel R. Walton, will be completed.

Despite the catastrophic state of the situation, an incredible number of people will be exterminated, imagining that these demented and criminal plutocrats Kabbalists wanted their good. . .

The entire dissemination of the said pandemic was orchestrated, dramatized to encourage populations to be injected with this biological warfare weapon.

There are over 40,000 strains of normal coronavirus (flu-like). Alpha, beta, toto variants obviously do not exist. It is fear marketing to get people to inject the poison. As all project managers are taught, creating a sense of urgency is necessary for the marketing launch . . . of these biological warfare products.

The final Vaxxtermination is underway.


Fauci’s public indictment, Team Fuellmich’s Crimes Against Humanity trial, and many other initiatives have opened a new path for Humanity 2.0.

To regain control of information, to ruin and punish thieves of planetary resources are objectives to be achieved quickly to put the planet back on the right track. . . The continuation of the rescue operations of our humanity depends for the most part on the benevolence of our visitors, as explained in Presence 4.




The COVID19 Plan explained by Prof. Fourtillan


[for info: 11 mandatory vaccines in France, all fatal by aluminum additive]

– in 2003; Pasteur-Sanofi patent SARS-COV1 war virus including malaria (immunodeficiencies for life)

– In 2011, added AIDS (strengthening immunodeficiency) SARS-COV2

– In 2012, Pasteur-Sanofi patent VAxx COVID19

– In 2015, Pasteur-Sanofi patent Test COVID 19

– In 2019, launch of the attack on the world population via the Wuhan P4 lab.

All world institutions are accomplices of NWO / Bigpharma.

Serial assassinations of opponents.


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