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Hi there,

I wanted to share this video with you, because we have still a lot of people, who is not understanding what’s happening.

To understand what’s happening, it’s necessary to have the whole picture and the key elements in mind.

That’s what I will talk about.

First, we that the planet is under control of some billionaires.

The Rothchild, Rockefeller, Windsor, and so on…

More exactly, they are 2 rival clans.

The main powerful clan of this plutocracy is called itself the New World Order, they are globalists.

It is led by a board of forty people.

In this board there are representatives The Rothchild, Rockefeller, Windsor, and so on…

They have some 7 hundred million subordinates.

They subordinate them mainly by money, pedophilia, drug, whatever…

The other clan of this plutocracy can be called Imperialist/Nationalist or Trumpist.

Both want power, but with 2 visions different.

They are opponents, and they fight each other strongly, inside some limits.

Well, It’s the top level of a kind of mafia order, with their rules and agreements.

We have seen how the globalists are powerful,

they succeeded in rigging the American elections!

It’s amazing!

Well, the previous elections with Bush and Al Gore were rigged too,

but Al Gore did not leave empty-handed.

He got all the Green Business … in the typical way: true facts and great manipulation…

So, the globalists manage the planet with several organizations fully under their control.

The main one is the CFR, which supervises the others,

The WEF, with the abject Klaus Schwab, promote the beautiful ideas of the forth revolution, with nanoparticles in your brain, for your good health … of course!

The CT, the Bilderberg, and other organizations like the YL.

And, for fifty years, the globalists have unfiltered and controlled,

all the Global institutions:

WHO, NATO, IMF, UNO, and all the European institutions…

So, of course, the governments, especially European one’s are fully under control…

And, Cherry on the cake, 3 main financial companies whose shareholders are The Rothchild, Rockefeller, Windsor, and so on…

Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity with crossed associates and shareholders, are controlling, all the main companies of the planet!

That includes all the Medias and Big pharma…

And all this organization is for a main goal to fully control people, with a ‘voluntary’ submission,

That mean big social engineering manipulation, as we have seen the COVID operation and Pass Control that lead to Social Credit Control, looking like China example.

The globalists dreamed it, Xi done it…

To summarize, the global picture smell bad for us.

We are between the globalist hammer and the Nationalist anvil.


However, a main important critical element is usually ignored.

The role of the exocivilizations in this game (you can find the detailed list in Presence4).

Some 3 exocivilizations have agreements with the plutocracy.

They proposed to the plutocracy to be allied and receive what they expect:

Transhumanism to produce advanced artificial intelligence with human-robot-slave, because the plutocracy wants to cleanse the earth of these poor bastards who eat the good bread of the rich…

The other reason plutocracy wants to cleanse the earth is that the New World Order is based on a theological purpose too. This ‘Stepfather’ board is a kind of Kabbalist sect.

They think they are the chosen ones of a great mission of redemption.

Obviously, redemption is for others, and salvation for them…

The more they kill people, the more they got salvation … (that is not a fun stuff?)

As this sect is Kabbalist, so their privileged target are the Jews, and even better, the Jewish children… That is the reason the Vaxx program was so intensive in Israel.

Of course, a horrible other big Shoa is going on…

As elite the New World Order wants to live longer, and need help in genetic for this goal.

And they want advanced technologies to impose their dictatorship definitively in the long term.

Well, we have finished with the bad news list!


What are the important and positive critical key elements?

The main one is that, luckily, the neutrals or benevolent exocivilizations forces are more numerous than the bad ones.

19 exocivilizations perform countermeasures to give us time until enough people can be aware and responsible to react.

They forbade a fast crash the NWO wanted to do, the 15th December 2019, when Blackrock attacks have been blocked. Also, the amazing SolarWin hacking of most important financial companies, and got a lot of fraud information, which will be released step by step…


To conclude, be confident, in yourself and your friendship networks, organize the day to day politic, yourself, on new bases, of people around you … don’t trust any politician.

Take care, may the force be with you, that will take time, but step by step, we will create a new humanity.


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Denis Roger DENOCLA